Stump Removal

After a tree is removed, the remaining stump is usually cut to within 6 – 12 inches of the local grade. By using landscape friendly stump cutters we can remove the top portion of the stump to a depth of approximately 4 – 6 inches, which is enough soil depth to grow healthy turf grass. The entire stump can be removed if necessary. Entire stump removal may be the right choice if a replacement tree will be planted in the same location or if new construction will be performed.

Grinding a large stump will generate a significant quantity of wood mulch mixed with soil. This mixture can be used as a good landscape mulch if spread 2 – 4 inches thick over landscape beds. We can leave the grindings, spread them in your flower beds, or haul them away. If you contract with us to haul the grindings away, we can also backfill the hole with high quality topsoil and reseed.